‘You picked up on our preferences very quickly making it easy to view and run.   We were amazed at how knowledgeable you are about the many different areas of London and appreciated you sharing your knowledge and insight.   You took what could have been a very stressful day and made it pleasurable and productive.’


‘I wanted to provide some feedback on our great relocation experience with Jeanette May.  From our earliest email correspondences re: “what do you want in a flat / neighborhood?” to her last follow-up after we made an offer on a flat, she was responsive, catering to our interests and needs, and a wonderful personality to work with”….. “She advocated on our behalf with the agents; did research the night after our 1st day and surfaced a new flat she thought we’d love (and we did!); and even suggested a job contact for my partner and a running club that meets near our new home.  It felt like she took our case personally and spent the time getting to know us so that we’d find a place that could really be home.  Those couple of days truly made us excited to start our new lives in London.’


‘We have successfully moved into our apartment. We have met many people for this, and would like to tell you, your services have been the best of them all. Thanks you!’

JS – India

‘Jeanette was really easy to work with, really helpful in terms of offering advice and well organised (something I certainly appreciate!). Everything was seamless from her pre appointment advice through to her advice at the end of our day out in terms of moving forward with an offer. It was a lot of ground to cover in one day but she made it stress free and the quality of the properties she sourced has left us with several good options!
All in all I couldn’t recommend her enough.’

KW – Australia

‘Many thanks again for your help, it was indispensable (and enjoyable!).”

MB – Netherlands

‘I appreciate your help in finding a property in London for me, making me familiar with different places in London and taking care of so many things on my behalf (otherwise I would have been kind of lost figuring out things myself ☺).’

AT – India

‘I just wanted to drop you a line to say 1000 thank you’s for you time and effort over the last few days. You really did make what could have been a pretty stressful few days relaxed and stress free.’


‘Thank you very much for your accompany with us for these two days. It is not only the home search, but you were so kindly to help us visited leisure center and talked us where is train station, pack and Chinese shop etcs which help us lots! And I did learned from you about UK property as well!’

AY – China

‘Thanks so much Jeanette! We’re so happy”….”Thanks again for all your help and hard work. We know it wasn’t easy with all our requirements.’